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On the next BongNBlog we have a special guests, independent hip hop artists, Ashton Kynard & Eman in studio. Alumni of World Famous Studios in Arvada, Co, we are super stoked to feature these artists on the show and can’t wait to see what they have for us. As always we’ll be broadcasting live at 8pm (MST) on October 8th, 2015 coming to you direct from World Famous with a ton of wacky, weed and wacky weed in true BongNBlog fashion. See y’all then but for now check out some of Ashton’s material… Enjoy.

Artist Bio

Ashton Kynard

His life is dope, and all he does is dope shit. It doesn’t take more than a glance at both Ashton Kynard’s art and music to learn great things can and will happen. Utilizing a vast array of instrumentation from mid-90’s east coast lo-fi beats to contemporary trap bangers. Ashton weaves and bobs his wavy and persistent flow through the troves of trash rappers and mediocre artists.With one of the most magnificently energetic and original performances, Ashton has already had the opportunity to perform along side artists like G-mo-Skee and Troy Ave. The 21 year old artist is set gain steady ground and set his place in stone in 2015 with the tri-pronged release of his projects “Milnard”, “Extra Credit VOL. 3”, and “Feudal America : Life.’”


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