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The wildest, funny and completely stoned music show around.

What is the BongNBlog? Well, is NOT your normal music interview show that’s for sure. Nope, its in a league of it’s own. Our audience is made up of both independent music and a lot of Colorado’s weed so things ten to get a little wild.

We want to offer a fun and crazy webcast that truly entertains and makes our audience want to come back for more. Its all about you! Seriously, without fans our show and the bands are just entertaining ourselves. Which is cool but it can get boring. I mean, we’re stoned all the time what would you expect? Tune in every other Thursday at 8pm (MST) to catch our free, live show!

From our hosts:

Co-hosts Scorpio, Side Effect Dom and Camera invite you to join them every other Thursday night at 8pm (MST) for the live BongNBlog. Each episode features a different independent musician, band or artist via live broadcast from World Famous Studios in Arvada, CO. Watch the crazy interviews, music videos, live performances, interactive audience chats, prizes, bong hits, cupcakes and a lot of other crazy stuff cause we’re weird like that.. Tune in, load your bong and get ready to laugh your ASH off!

Question of the week #7

The question is: “What is the weirdest way you had to go score weed?”

Text in your answers at 720-SOS-BUDS,
submit socially using #bongnblog
or post them on our Facebook page at facebook.com/BongNBlog

Then tune in July 2nd, 2015 @ 8pm (MST) to see who wins during the live show featuring METAL ON THE MOVE and special musical guests, the Denver, CO metal band SWAMI! You won’t want to miss this one.

Music for this promo provided by the official BongNBlog band, Orifice A

Should we brand him?

At 1000 likes we brand Scorpio during a live episode of the BongNBlog! Don’t worry, this was his idea. We’re not THAT twisted.

Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow night (July 2) @ 8pm (MST) to watch the next live BongNBlog featuring Metal on the Move with musical guests Swami! Only on the BongNBlog

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